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Rehabilitation Horses
at Circle P Sanctuary
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The following horses really need your help during their rehabilitation process at the Circle P Sanctuary. Any financial help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Name: Peanut
Breed: Pony
Birth Year: 2009
Gender: Colt
Color: Sorrel with a Star

Horse Info: Peanut is one of our newest rescues taken in 12-31-11. He is currently staying in one of the Sanctuary's foster homes. OSU's Equine team has determined he is a crypt orchid, meaning one or both testes have not descended into the scrotum, making the gelding process slightly more difficult. However, OSU is confident they will be able to successfully geld Peanut and we hope to schedule this procedure in February of 2012. His foster parents say he is well mannered and have already begun doing some ground work. Once his quarantine period is complete, we will begin the evaluation process and get him ready for a new forever home!

The Unwanted Horse Issue

Every year, thousands of horses are considered to be unwanted. These horses may find themselves neglected and suffering for various reasons, such as the horse is old, sick, injured, dangerous, owner has no use for the horse, or owner is experiencing financial hardship. No matter what the reason, the truth is that every day there is a horse in need of help. Currently, the problem of the unwanted horse is still a big issue, even though many organizations are trying to make a change. A few lucky horses are rescued by humane societies or animal rescues and given a second chance at life. Unfortunately, the amount of unwanted horses is too great of a number for organizations to support each year, with many of these horses ending up in slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada.

Want to help make a difference? Support your local humane society or horse rescue organization. Make donations, volunteer, or adopt a rescue horse of your very own! Visit for more information.

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