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Once your donation is made, simply e-mail your photos and 400 word celebration to and we will be post your information right here on our Memorial Page!
Memorial Page
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Our Healing Help Fund is set up to help offset our vet bills that come with helping animals in need!
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Notes: Notes: Sally was adopted through the BLM the same day Jennie was. We brought them home together. Sally is mischievous!! She is very curious and seems to love adventure. Since Sally is our escape artist, we do a head count everyday. Sally loves to play in the creek, and is well known to wander UNDER the fence lines. She is also known to push through/opens gates and climbs them as well. She will try to climb into the muck bucket cart or wagon. You can not trust her with anything. She will destroy things (but in a playful way!!). Having said all of that, we don't fault Sally for her spirit, she is simply a Mustang! As part of their American History studies, the First and Fifth Graders of St. Brendan's Catholic School in Hilliard, OH raised $584.64 to donate towards Sally's care. The children were unable to make the field trip to the Sanctuary, so Sally traveled to school to meet the children May of 2008.
Farewell our Dear Sally
Priscilla- Lifelong Resident - Educational Program
Breed- Pygmy Goat
Color- Gray / White belly stripe
Birth Year- 2002
Arrival Date- 09/2005

Notes: Priscilla came to the Circle P with her baby (Petunia) after she weaned Petunia's twin sister. Priscilla is the dominant female of the group. She will often chase all of the others away, and ram the gates with her horns. She is friendly to humans, and does enjoy being groomed (other than nail trims).

Farewell to our Dear Priscilla