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We have developed several brochures you can download, free of charge that will help you or someone you know who is facing tough times with their horse. Visit here often as we will be adding more and more as time goes by.

Tips on re-homing your horse.
Click Here to Download now. For your convenience, we have also pasted in the text version of the brochure below.
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This pamphlet is designed by the Circle P Sanctuary as an aid to help you place your horse There are four key elements to consider when searching for a new home for your horse:


Unfortunately, the number of horses in need of new homes is overwhelming. In order to give your horse the advantage, you must be proactive! As we all know, a new home for your horse won't find you. It takes a daily commitment on your part to make things happen.

Think beyond your local newspaper. The internet is a very useful tool in advertising/marketing. If you do not have internet access, check your local library for public computers. The key to properly advertising your horse is the content of your add/flyer. Always include the following:

Pictures speak a thousand words. A well groomed horse in a clean environment gets positive responses.

If at all possible, post a video in your ads. Videos should be brief, and
showcase your horse moving as well as some close-up footage. Try to highlight your horse's skill level.

Always include age, sex, size and price! For your horse's sake, it is best to be upfront and honest with any health and/or behavioral issues.

Make yourself easy to reach. The easier you are to contact via phone,
email, postal mail, etc the easier it is to make connections. There are many horse specific websites that offer FREE advertisement. Also, don't forget to utilize social websites such as Craigslist and Facebook to market your horse.

There is a world of networking beyond your circle of friends. Make sure to visit all feed, tack and horse related stores. Post flyers where permitted. Contact horse related clubs/businesses such as 4H, trail riders clubs, stables, riding/therapeutic camps and horse trainers. While you can anticipate the majority of horse rescues to be full, they are a great networking tool. Most rescues have websites; ask if they will list your horse as a "Courtesy Listing."

Now that you have found your horse a new home, the work should not end here. For the safety and long-term well being of your horse, the screening process begins.
Check to make sure the fencing is suitable for your horse. (Barbed wire is NEVER ok.) Check barns/shelters to make sure they are safe, secure and there is adequate space for the size and number of animals housed.
Make sure to ask for a reference from the prospective new owners
Veterinarian, Farrier, Dental Technician as well as several personal
A contract does not have to be elaborate. Create a few stipulations to
ensure the long term safety of your horse.
It is best to require the new owner keep the horse for a minimum of one year. This will help put a halt to the meat buyers inquires. In the event the new owner must re-home your horse, make sure you have the first option to take/buy the horse back.

Finding a new home for your horse is often not an easy task, but with time and dedication it can be done successfully. For a state by state list of reputable horse rescues visit:

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