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Meet Our Friend Tori
Notes: Tori is completely lame. She was abandoned at a vacant farm for approximately 15 years. She had limited care, and her hooves grew way beyond necessary. When the owner heard that there was to be an intervention, he had her hooves cut off with cattle snippers. We are not sure if Tori will ever repair enough to become sound. She is currently on daily medication to relieve her pain. During the past eight months Tori wore Stewart Clogs. These shoes help offer her some support, as well as protects the sole of her hooves. These shoes provided some relief and repair; however she still remained in chronic pain. Recently, we have started Tori on an alternative method of treatment in hopes to accelerate her recovery. Until Tori's court case is resolved, she will remain at the Circle P Sanctuary for rehabilitation.
Tori- Currently in Rehabilitation/Litigation
Breed- Appaloosa
Color- Sorrel/White
Birth Year- 1989?
Arrival Date: 12/08
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