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Meet Our Friend Comet
Horse Info: Comet was surrendered to the Sanctuary on 08/29/2010, after having lived most of his life in an unclean stall. He was very skinny, dirty, and cribbed almost constantly out of extreme boredom.

Comet has gained weight and is looking much healthier thanks to access to hay and pasture.

Comet picked up weight so quickly; his grain meals were quickly cut down to twice a day. We do not use a cribbing collar on Comet and his cribbing is very infrequent.

He is currently housed with another gelding and they get along great. Since arriving at the Sanctuary, he has been gelded and healed wonderfully. Comet is a friendly horse that halters and leads well.

Since arriving at the Sanctuary he has been caught up and kept up to date on all medical/dental/farrier, ect. Comet continues to be evaluated, and now that he is healthy and healed from being gelded, we will make further progress with evaluation and training.

Comet does not have the best conformation, which leads us to question what type of riding (if any) he will be able to do. Comet would be available immediately as a pasture pal.

Name: Comet
Breed: Thoroughbred (small)
Birth Year: 2002
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut with white markings

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