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How to Adopt Your Next Horse Through
Circle P Sanctuary
Our goal is to restore the animals in our care so they can go on to their forever home with someone like you who will love them for the rest of their lives!

The process of adopting an animals from Circle P Sanctuary is simple and pain free for everyone!


The Circle P Sanctuary, Inc.(CPS) takes the responsibility of placing horses into new homes very seriously. It is not a process we will rush through as we believe this is to be a lifelong decision for the animal involved. The CPS will work closely with prospective adopters to ensure that both the adopter and the horse/animal being adopted is well suited to each other. It is important to know that the CPS does not allow horses being adopted to be bred, resold or given away.

The housing facility must be approved through the CPS. The horse must not be relocated without the knowledge and approval of the CPS. This is not intended to be a difficult procedure, but a thorough one that is essential to the well being of the horse.

If for any reason the horse can no longer remain with the adopter, the CPS requires the horse be returned to the CPS. If there is a potential new adopter interested (recommended by the original adopter), the CPS will strive to make that arrangement possible through following our adoption process. The CPS may waive any new adoption fee when the new adopters are approved.

Finally, because horses are herd animals and require companionship, the CPS requires adopted horses live with at least one other horse.

1. Return to the Circle P Sanctuary, Inc. (CPS) completed and signed adoption application, including this cover letter and photos. Applicant must be at least 25 years old who will be entering a legally binding contract upon completion of the adoption process. A $10.00 processing fee is due with the completed application.
2. The CPS will review the application and determine if the Sanctuary has a potential horse that fits the adopters needs. If the CPS has a potential match, or adopter would like to see a specific horse available, the adopter must schedule an appointment with one of our trainers to work with the horse. The intention of this appointment is to ensure the safety of both the potential adopter and the horse.
3. If the potential adopter is interested in the horse they worked with, and the CPS agrees that they are capable of working safely together, additional appointments will be scheduled. The CPS requires no less than 3 working sessions between the prospective adopter and horse being adopted. The CPS may require additional sessions, prior to moving forward with the adoption process. The CPS will contact the references listed on the application at this time.
4. Once the working sessions are completed, and a suitable match has been made, the CPS will arrange to visit the potential new home. It is important to the CPS that the property where the horse will live is staffed with a person that has a good understanding in the general care, management and feeding of the specific horse/animal being adopted. Fencing, buildings and pastures must be safe, clean and free of debris. We prefer horses have full access to a field with a run-in shed, however an enclosed area must be available in case of illness or injury.
5. Upon completion of the housing inspection and reference check, the CPS will evaluate all information provided and make a decision. The CPS may approve or disapprove adoptions. The CPS will address any concerns that may be easily corrected. However, the CPS reserves the right to deny adoption for any reason, in its sole discretion, and is not obligated to state any reason.

Click here to download our adoption application. We look forward to working with you to find a happy ending for you and for one of the horses in our care!
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