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Happy Tails

This page is dedicated to celebrating the Happy Endings for all of the horses who have spent time at Circle P Sanctuary and through our program, found forever homes!
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Lucky is just what this horse is

....On May 5th, 2011 Lucky made the five hour journey to his new forever home.

He has room to roam in his new pasture with his new friends and is experiencing the fun and
adventure filled days with his loving owners.

We are pleased to say on April 18th, 2012, Emma was adopted and transported to her new forever home! She is one of the lucky ones to find and owner that understands her mind, body and soul! Congrats to them both!
Name: String of Diamonds "Emma"

Birth Year: 1990
Gender: Mare
Color: Bay with star and rear socks

Breed: Unsure but we think Tennessee Walker (Bo is gaited)
Height: 16.3 hands
Birth Year:
unknown (we think Bo is in his mid-teens)
Gender: Male -Gelding
Color: Chestnut with a small white snip on his nose.
Bo was part of a massive horse seizure case and was extremely skinny and neglected before he was brought back to health. Bo came to us after having been rehabilitated in another home and is laid back and friendly and we are pleased to announce he has found his forever home! We wish Bo and his new family years of happy times and loads of great memories!

Horse Info: Belle is a Humane Society seizure case. She had been stalled almost constantly for a period of six and a half years. At her rescue, she was filthy from having to live in an unclean stall and her hooves were extremely outgrown. Since coming to the Sanctuary (June 28th, 2010), Belle has improved greatly. She loves attention and being around people - she is a very sweet and affectionate horse and we couldn't be more pleased to announce that Belle has found her forever home! While we will miss spending time with Belle, we are delighted that she will be with a loving and caring family for the rest of her life!
Name: Belle
Breed: Arabian
Birth Year: 1994
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut with white markings
BIG NEWS!!!! Duffy is now in a long term foster home with an adoption application pending. Provided all goes well, Duffy will have found his forever home!!!

Duffy has been in the care of the Morrow County Dog Shelter since 04/26/12 and has been with the Circle P Sanctuary since 07/19/12. He is approximately a 2 year old Pit mix. He weighs about 65-70 pounds,
has been neutered and given a DHLPP vaccine.

He LOVES to play fetch with a human companion or simply run around chasing a toy on his own! He is high energy, but has no problems lying by your feet as well. He is extremely sweet and gentle with humans. Duffy has a healthy prey drive and would NOT do well in a home with cats, birds, horses or any other small animals. If you have another dog, it will need to be introduced to Duffy prior to adoption.

Name: Ash
Breed: Appaloosa
Birth Year: 1998?
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black and White Leopard

BIG NEWS for Duffy and His Forever Home! (read below)
Circle P Sanctuary is pleased to announce the adoption of two of our wonderful and deserving horses: Ash and Jack! Our draft pony, Jack, and Appaloosa gelding, Ash, have always been favorites here at the Sanctuary, and now they have found a loving home at the YMCA Camp Wilson in Bellefontaine, OH. At camp, Ash and Jack are guaranteed to have plenty of love and attention as they help instruct children about all the aspects of horse care and riding. Ash and Jack are sure to enjoy the endless grooming hours and miles of beautiful trails that YMCA Camp Wilson has to offer! We wish Ash and Jack and everyone at Camp Wilson the best wishes!

For more information about Camp Wilson, please contact them at Bar W Ranch, YMCA Camp Willson 2732 County Rd. 11 Bellefontaine, OH 43311 or call them at 1-800-423-0427 or visit their website at!"
Our Friend Jack
Name: Jack
Breed: Large Pony possible Haflinger cross
Birth Year: Approx 2004
Gender: Male -Gelding
Color: Bay with small star
The Circle P Sanctuary is delighted to announce that in November 2013, Honey found her forever home and is doing great! If you are looking for your next horse, visit our adoption page or click here.
Great News! In May 2013, Stanley found his forever home. While we will all miss him at the Circle P, we couldn't be more thrilled for Stanley and his new family! If you are looking for your next horse, visit our adoption page or click here.
Whoo Hoo, Tink found her forever home in May 2013 and we know she is making the lives of her new family better and happier all the time! Happy Trails Tinkerbelle. If you are looking for your next horse, visit our adoption page or click here.
Eveyrone at Circle P Sanctuary is delighted to announce that in the spring of 2014, Wally found his forever home. We wish him years of fun and great health!

Name: Wally
Birth Year:
Approx 1985
Gender: Male -Gelding
Color: Chestnut with blaze and flaxen mane and tail.